Glimpse wouldn't be what it is without the love and support of some awesome people from around the world. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in making this possible.

Reach Out

Issue List

Have you found a bug or something misbehaving? Tell us about it on our GitHub issue list and someone will help you as soon as possible.

Stack Overflow

Got general questions or just need a little support? Anything related to using, configuring or extending Glimpse can be asked at StackOverflow. View already answered questions for even faster support.

Mailing List

Got questions about how to extend or work on Glimpse, or just want to discuss a new feature idea? Shoot it through to the developers mailing list.

Stay Up to Date


Follow along with the Glimpse blog for important release notices, feature announcements and news.

Commiters on Twitter

Anthony van der Hoorn Anthony van der Hoorn @anthony_vdh
Nik Molnar Nik Molnar @nikmd23
Christophe Gijbels Christophe Gijbels @CGijbels
Bjorn Holdt Bjorn Holdt @bholdt

Get Involved

Open source projects thrive on contributions from the developer community. Would like to get involved? There is plenty that you can do to help! Here's a few:


Glimpse maintains several issues that are good for first-timers tagged as Jump In on GitHub. If one peaks your interest, feel free to work on it and let us know if you need any help doing so.

New Features

For those looking to get more deeply involved, reach out to find out about our current efforts and how you can help.

Share Glimpse

If you love Glimpse, tell others about it! Present Glimpse at a company tech talk, your local user group or submit a proposal to a conference about how you are using Glimpse or any extensions you may have written.

Create an Extension

Get the best out of Glimpse by writing your own extension to expose diagnostic data that is meaningful for your applications. Creating extensions is easy, check the docs or reference an open source extension to get started.


Documentation is a key differentiator between good projects and great ones. Whether you’re a first time OSS contributor or a veteran, documentation is a great stepping stone to learn our contribution process.

Contributing to Glimpse documentation is dead simple. To make it so easy, we're using Glimpse’s GitHub Wiki as the entry point for documentation - each page within the docs section of the site has a link to take you straight to the page where you can make changes directly. GitHub Wikis provide an online WYSIWYG interface for adding and editing the docs, completely in browser, using Markdown.