Welcome to the Glimpse Documentation! Here we hope to introduce you to the various tutorials, concepts and APIs you might need when discovering and using Glimpse.

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Debugging With Symbolsource

SymbolSource is a service which exposes PDB symbols so you can step through Glimpse code while debugging your application. There are a few things to configure before we can begin, see for more information.

Within Visual Studio:

  1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Debugger -> General
  2. Uncheck “Enable Just My Code (Managed only)”
  3. Uncheck “Enable .NET Framework source stepping”
  4. Check “Enable source server support”
  5. Uncheck “Require source files to exactly match the original version”
  6. Go to Tools -> Options -> Debugger -> Symbols
  7. Select a folder for the local symbol/source cache
  8. Add symbol servers under “Symbol file (.pdb) locations”
  9. To speed up startup of the debug session, you can specify only the Glimpse dlls to be loaded. Go to Tools -> Options -> Debugger -> Symbols, select "Only specified modules" and enter Glimpse.*.dll

Now you can step into Glimpse code while debugging.