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Environment Tab

The Environment tab displays information about the server that responded to the selected HTTP request. This tab is particularly useful in web farm/load balanced scenarios, when it can be difficult to know which server handled the request.

Environment Tab


  1. Machine: Information about the server that responded to the HTTP request.
  2. Web Server: Information about the software of the web server that responded to the HTTP request.
  3. Framework: Information about the configuration of the Microsoft .NET runtime that executed the HTTP request.
  4. Process: Information about the worker process running the web application.
  5. Time Zone: Information about the time zone set on the server.
  6. Application Assemblies: Lists all non-System and non-Microsoft assemblies loaded into memory.
  7. System Assemblies: Lists assemblies loaded in memory that have names starting with System.* or Microsoft.*.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm seeing 1 or more DLL's under the Application Assemblies section that have names begining with "AppWeb", what are these?

    Each folder containing htmlcs, aspx, or ascx files will compile into a dll prefixed with App_Web. The compiler generates special filenames to avoid naming collisions.

  • I'm seeing other files with funny names?

    These are most likely assemblies that have been dynamicly generated at run time and contain proxy classes. Frameworks such as Entity Framework offten use such techniques.