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Execution Tab

The Execution tab shows the ASP.NET MVC execution pipeline of actions, action results and action filters (including child actions) required to respond to the HTTP request.

Execution Tab


  1. Ordinal: Indicates where in the execution pipeline this method occurred
  2. Controller & Action: Controller & Action that the execution statement belongs too
  3. IsChild: Whether this method was executed in the context of a child request
  4. Category: The Category/type of the filter. Valid values include: Authorization, Action, Response, Exception
  5. Type.Method: Type that the executed method belongs to and the name of the method executed
  6. Time Elapsed: The amount of time it took to execute the method

Did you know

  • Understanding filter execution order can be difficult:

    There is a complex series of rules to determine filter execution order, and these rules have changed between versions of MVC. Glimpse will always show you the actual order of execution, but if you want a deeper understanding you can read the MSDN filters article.

  • That keeping an eye on your Time Elapsed can make a big difference:

    This may be obvious but by showing the Time Elapsed we can give you an indication as to where a given request is spending its time.