Welcome to the Glimpse Documentation! Here we hope to introduce you to the various tutorials, concepts and APIs you might need when discovering and using Glimpse.

NOTE: Glimpse docs are currently being improved. If you'd like to help out, just edit this page or contribute to our GitHub Wiki


In addition to being open source, Glimpse is also highly extensible. Many community built extensions are already available in the Glimpse Extensions Gallery, but further customizations are required, here are a few ways that Glimpse's behavior can be modified and extended.

Server Side

Glimpse can be extended with .NET code right from a web application or a referenced assembly. Common points of extension include:

  • ITab - Custom Tabs allow additional tabs can be added to the Glimpse client.
  • IRuntimePolicy - Custom Runtime Policies harden (or soften) the rules used for when Glimpse should be run through the use of custom policy implementations.
  • IInspector - Custom Inspectors provides the means by which a Tab can setup any listeners, proxies, etc that are needed to gather the data needed the corresponding Tab.
  • ISerializationConverter - Custom Serialization Converters allow you to control how a given object type is serilized out the to the client.
  • IClientScript - Custom Client Scripts are a way by which you can tell Glimpse that you want to include additional scripts into the page (typically used for client side plugins).

Full server side API documentation is available as a downloadable .CHM file.

ADO Integration

If you're having trouble seeing your data in the SQL tab, you may need to set up ADO Integration manually.

Client Side

The Glimpse client has a extensibility model which can be used to customise the look and feel of your tabs, make client side observations about the browser or inspect how various client side frameworks are operating.

Currently, the APIs are very well documented and if you interested in learning more please reach out to us and we will help you out.

Porting to Other Platforms

Efforts of varying maturity have begun to port the Glimpse server to PHP, Rack (Ruby), WSGI (Python) and Connect (Node.js).

Here are some documents which might help you get up and running: