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Extensions Gallery

Before leveraging the Glimpse extensibility model to add functionality to Glimpse, first check to see if someone already has. There are three main ways to find Glimpse extensions:


Searching for 'Glimpse' reveals many Glimpse packages. Unfortunately, packages that have nothing to do with Glimpse, but have the word 'glimpse' in their metadata, also appear in the search results.


Because of the way search works, the Glimpse website maintains a more precise list of Glimpse extensions with links back to Unfortunately, packages downloaded directly from itself do not "auto install", for that you need a package feed.

3. Glimpse Extensions Feed

A curated package feed of Glimpse extensions is available. Adding the package feed to Visual Studio is the easiest way to keep up to date with new Glimpse extensions and updates.

The feed can be added to Visual Studio by going to Tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Settings > Package Sources and adding a source named Glimpse Extensions Gallery pointing to

To make adding the package feed even easier, participates in Package Source Discovery. Simply open Package Manager Console and issue the following commands:

Install-Package DiscoverPackageSources
Discover-PackageSources -Url ""

An additional package source will now be available in Visual Studio full of Glimpse Extensions!

Glimpse Extension Gallery