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Model Binding Tab

The Model Binding tab visualizes the ASP.NET MVC model binding sub-system, displaying information about the model binder(s) used for a HTTP request.

Model Binding Tab

In this case we have attempted to submit a login form which has failed to authenticate. Despite this we can still see how the DefaultModelBinder has pulled out the data from the Post and URL and mapped them to our model.


  1. Ordinal: Order in which the MVC Model Binding infrastructure attempted to bind the available data
  2. Model Binder: Model Binder that was used in a given scenario
  3. Property/Parameter: Name of the thing that the Binder was trying to bind
  4. Type: Type of the thing that the Binder was trying to bind
  5. Attempted Value Providers: Providers that the Binder attempted to use to get a given value (and whether it was successful)
  6. Attempted Value: The actual value that the provider has to work with (post type conversation, etc.)
  7. Culture: The culture that was used to parse the raw value
  8. Raw Value: The raw value that the provider has to work with (pre type conversation, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the highlighted rows signify?

    They represent matches that the model binder was able to successful make with the help of an associated model binder.

  • Why does my main model (in the screen shot above the first row) not show any matches?

    As the model in this case is a complex object, no one value in the data sent by the client mapped directly to the model. But the through convention and other methods the model binder is able to understand that it is dealing with a complex object and drill down on the properties (as seen in the above screen shot).

  • What is the difference between Attempted Value and Raw Value?

    Attempted Value is the value that the binder will attempt to use after type conversions, etc. Raw value is the value prior to this occurring.

  • Why can't I see my bindings after I successfully full out a form?

    As Glimpse shows you the data associated with the last request (whether that be a Post or Get), you may not see binding information in Post/Redirect/Get scenarios - As the binding Information is associated with the original Post but then the following Get is what Glimpse will show.

    In the near future (hopefully release v2 timeframe) we will make this experience better. In the mean time you can use the History tab to pull out the original Post request.