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Routes Tab

The Routes tab shows the routes of the web application, along with default values and constraints. The matched route is highlighted for convenience.

Routes Tab


  1. Match: Whether the given route was successfully matched for this request
  2. Area: Which area the route was defined in (Root being your main application)
  3. Url: The pattern that has been setup for the match on this route
  4. Data: The route values that have been defined for this entry
  5. Constraints: A set of expressions that specify the criteria which will be used to find matches
  6. DataTokens: Additional metadata that is defined as part of the route entry (typically used for areas, etc)

Did you know

  • Ever wondered how to debug route resolution for Ajax calls?

    Due to the way in which Glimpse has been designed, in the same way we can show you how your page routes are resolved; Glimpse can show you how your Ajax routes are being resolved.

    Simply go to the Ajax tab and select the relevant request that matches the Ajax query you are trying to debug and go back to the Route tab. When you do this you are viewing the Route resolution information just for that Ajax call.