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Timeline Tab

The Timeline tab consolidates the event timing information from all tabs into a single visualization.

Timeline Tab

Alternate Layout:

Timeline Tab


  1. Categories: The categories which the various events are grouped into.
  2. Summary Section: Shows the aggregate view of all the events, grouped by Category
  3. Events: Timing information associated with a given event
  4. Timing: Shows the start, stop and duration of an event, and if applicable, time less children


  • Categor Checkbox: Events belonging to a given category can be hidden by hovering over the category and selecting the checkbox.
  • Slide Handles: Allows you to zoom into a given part of the timeline
  • Hovering: Allows you to hover over the an event and see any additional info
  • Switch View: Timeline has an alternative view shown below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to add my own data to the Timeline?

    As part of the timeline, we have developed an API which lets you add any data you wish. This data can either be a duration event or a moment in time event. Here we show an example of each:


//For duration events
using (GlimpseTimeline.Capture("Event..."))

//For snapshot events

Note: The GlimpseTimeline API was introduced in v2+