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Glimpse is free, open source and built by the community


How Does Glimpse Help?

Once installed, Glimpse inspects web requests as they happen, providing insights and tooling that reduce debugging time and empower every developer to improve their web applications.

Visual Profiling

Glimpse profiles key server side activities and displays the timing of each in an easy to understand Gantt chart.

Transparent Data Access

Out of process database calls are expensive. Glimpse lists each of them, so excessive or under-performant queries can be reigned in.

View Rendering & Resolution

Glimpse provides complete visibility into ASP.NET MVC's view resolution process, including file access paths.

Route Debugging

ASP.NET routing is a powerful, and sometimes maddening, feature. Glimpse cracks into the black box and exposes how routes are matched.

Server Configuration

Know everything necessary about a request's origin server including: timezone, patch version, process ID and pertinent web.config entries.

Works For All Requests

Glimpse provides insights for not only the originating request, but also for AJAX requests, historical requests from the past and even requests made from other users.

ASP.NET WebForms Too

Glimpse ❤'s ASP.NET WebForms with the best View State decoder available embedded directly into the server control tree.

Improved Tracing

Glimpse automatically displays trace statements, eliminating the headache of digging through log files. Popular logging frameworks can be integrated with some slight configuration as well!

A Perfect Fit

Glimpse works where you need it to, how you want it to. Insights are presented in digestable summaries, with the ability to drill down to tackle tough problems.

Install via NuGet

Glimpse is installed with one simple NuGet command (Install-Package Glimpse) or with Visual Studio's manager package dialog.

Extensible & Configurable

Extend Glimpse via simple APIs and our 3rd party NuGet package ecosystem. Configure it on a whim with the ~/Glimpse.axd configuration builder and web.config.

Web Native

Glimpse is built with web technologies that you love: HTML, CSS & JS. It requires no proprietary browser plugin and works everywhere you do.

Hardened Security

Hardened by default, only you get to choose who can see what Glimpse data and when. Check out GlimpseSecurityPolicy.cs, already in your project, for more information and samples.

Lightweight & Fast

Glimpse's unique architecture makes it faster and less resource intensive than traditional profilers so you never have to sacrifice performance.

Unique Perspective

While F12 tools like Firebug and proxy debuggers like Fiddler are extremely useful, only Glimpse provides diagnostics from the perspective of your server.

Free & open source

Thanks to community contributions, Glimpse is thriving and growing. Glimpse is free and available under the Apache 2.0 license. The source code is available, so feel free to jump in and contribute!

Getting involved

Glimpse wouldn't be what it is today without the love and support of some awesome people from around the world. These contributions have ranged from simple bug fixes to fully fledged features, and from as far afield as South Africa and South East Asia.

If you would like to get involved, there are plenty of things that you can do. There are issues that are good for first-timers ringfenced and tagged Jump In in GitHub. If you'd rather start off on something more self-contained, why not write an extension?

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